Thursday, August 12

Wig Out

Being a pseudo-connoisseur of all things makeup (most new products I try are freebies...), I have been on the search for the perfect mascara for years it seems.

For a while there, it was Clinique's Naturally Glossy Mascara: jet black or jet brown. Well, move over bacon, there's a new lash sheriff in town.

When I visited Japan during this year's spring break, this all-important topic of makeup surfaced with one of my best buds while chillin' at First Kitchen for some of the legendary seasoned fries there. The conversation went something like this:

ME: I've been totally obsessed with mascara these days. I work so much, I need anti-raccoon stuff, like so it can last 12 hours of happy happy English teacher.

BUDDY: Oh, you gotta try this one...I can't remember the name right now. I'll get you some.

We parted ways for a couple of hours, and when we met up again for our dinner date, this best bud became an even better bud as she handed over the goods as promised.

Fiberwig is quite a strange sounding name, but I don't care because this is a product sent from the gods who smile upon the lash-impaired.

It takes some practice to avoid glopping on the stuff, but once you've got the hang of application, lashes become lusciously long, and color lasts all day without the dreaded raccoon rings. Jeez, sounds like I'm writing ad copy.

I currently support my mascara habit by asking my friends who periodically visit from Japan to bring a couple of Fiberwigs (black & brown, of course!) as omiyage. My next shipment, er friend, will arrive with the goods in September. I, and my lashes, can't wait!

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